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  • We Fight

    We are committed to fighting for your claims with you at every step.

  • We Fix

    We help you fix the issue if your claim is rejected for the wrong reasons.

  • We Recover

    We ensure that you never lose the money that your insurance company owes you.

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We are known for making the complicated claim procedure easy and
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  • ₹ 25,000

    more received on each claim payout on an average

  • ₹ 30 Cr

    Claimed using the SureClaim platform

How it Works

We're on your side and work with you, every step of the way
because you deserve the highest claim payout.

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    Share your case details

    Discuss your case details with SureClaim experts to prepare your claim

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    File claim with expert assistance

    Get our claim expert to help you file a claim with step-by-step guidance

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    Get paid maximum money

    Receive the maximum money from your health insurance claim payout

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