The Complete Guide to Alankit TPA Health Insurance Claim

Alankit Healthcare TPA, a member company of the Alankit group, was established in the year 2003. It has a network of about 4000 empanelled hospitals and PAN India presence.

It aims to bring down the turnaround time for claims settlement below the current industry standards. It is one of the fastest growing TPAs and provides services related to enrolment, claims processing of both cashless and reimbursement to the insured. It is the first TPA to handle the RSBY project. Alankit TPA is licensed under Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority and has been issued the ISO 9001:2000 quality certification.

Alankit TPA Cashless Claim Process

  • In case of planned hospitalization, intimate Alankit TPA at least 7 days in advance
  • Fill the pre-authorization form available at the hospital helpdesk/TPA/website
  • The hospital sends the form to Alankit TPA
  • Alankit TPA scrutinizes the form as per policy terms
  • Alankit TPA then approved the cashless claim

Note: In case of emergency hospitalization, Alankit TPA has to be intimated within 24 hours of hospitalization

It is important that you get admitted in one of the Alankit TPA Network Hospitals. To find your nearest network hospital, please click here.

Alankit TPA Reimbursement Claim Process

  • Intimate the Alankit TPA
  • Download the Alankit TPA claim form and fill it
  • Submit the form with the required documents
  • Alankit TPA will scrutinize your claim based on your insurance policy and then settle the claim

Documents Required for Alankit TPA Insurance Claim

Depending upon your claim type, the documents required may vary. However, there are 4 categories of documents needed to file a claim:

Know Your Customer Documents

Through the Know Your Customer (KYC) documents, the policyholder’s and/or the patient’s identity is established. The KYC documents include:

  • PAN card or any government ID proof
  • Aadhaar card
  • Alankit TPA card or insurance certificate
  • Policyholder’s cancelled cheque

Generate your Alankit TPA E-card here.

Hospitalization & Treatment Documents

The original documents such as package breakup, receipts, hospital bill and its breakup, discharge summary, etc. that you receive from the hospital need to be submitted along with your claim. Consider these few things before submitting your claim:

  • The hospital will give you a consolidated bill of all the expenses incurred. Make sure that you ask for a breakup of the bill.
  • If the hospital bill includes a surgery package, request for a breakup of the package on the hospital’s letterhead or with the hospital seal on it.
  • Ask for all the payment receipts and then match them with the total bill amount. The originals of these bills need to be included in the claim.
  • For pre and/or post-hospitalization expenses claims, a photocopy of the discharge summary and the pharmacy, consultation and lab bills in original need to be submitted. Also, the bills need to be supported by the doctor’s prescriptions in original. Otherwise, Alankit TPA may not pay you. And don’t forget to check the eligibility for the duration of pre and post-hospitalization.

Investigation Reports

The TPA may not accept reports on plain paper with stamp of the hospital or the lab. The reports have to be in original printed on the official letterhead of the hospital and the lab.

If you don’t possess all the needed documents, write a cover note including a date-wise list of the missing reports and submit this letter along with your claim. In the meantime, try to get the missing reports. So, when Alankit TPA raises a query and asks you to submit the missing reports, you have them ready with you.

However, if you fail to provide the missing reports, the TPA will deduct that amount from the total claim amount.

Accident Details, if Applicable

In case of accident claims, submitting a medico-legal Certificate (MLC) issued by the hospital is mandatory. If an FIR is lodged, a copy of that is also needed. In case of self-injury, Alankit TPA may need a signed letter explaining the details of the injury along with the claim.

Alankit TPA Claim Form

The completed claim form has to be submitted with the documents mentioned above.

Download Alankit TPA Claim Form

How to Fill Alankit TPA Claim Form

Alankit TPA reimbursement claim form consists of eight sections. Learn how to fill these sections:

Section A

The first section is about insurance and the contact details of the primary policyholder. The primary policyholder is the one who pays the premiums of the health insurance policy. In case of a corporate insurance policy, the primary policyholder is the employee.

The information has to be filled correctly as this information will be taken by the TPA to contact the policyholder.

Section B

The information to be filled here is whether or not the patient is covered under any other insurance policy.

Section C

The patient’s demographic details such as age, occupation, gender, and the relationship with the policyholder need to be filled in this section.

Section D

Fill hospitalization information such as admission date, the reason for hospitalization, room type, date of discharge, etc. in this section.

Section E

The billing information needs to be filled in this section. The expenses incurred have to be categorized into 3 sections –pre-hospitalization, hospitalization and post-hospitalization. Segregate all pre-hospitalization bills, total them up and write the total amount in the pre-hospitalization field. Similarly, do it for hospitalization and post-hospitalization bills. So, you’ll have 3 types of expenses, the total of which is entered in 3 different fields.

If you are claiming for charges such as ambulance charges and other similar charges, enter the amount in a separate field provided on the form for such expenses.

Now, add the expenses and mention the total in the field provided on the form.

Section F

This section has space for 10 bills. If there are more bills to be claimed, write them down on a separate sheet of paper and then attach it to the form. The way to fill this form is similar to what we did in section E. The only difference is the pharmacy bill amount is deducted from the total bill amount. The pharmacy bill amount is entered in a separate field (4th row) in the form.

Section G

This section is for the banking account details. Fill the banking details exactly how they appear on your bank records to ensure smooth NEFT transaction.

Section H

The claimant needs to sign the declaration while mentioning the date and place of occurrence.

An error-free claim form requires an expert touch.

Alankit TPA Claim Submission Timeline

The submission dates for most insurance policies are between 15-30 days after the patient is discharged. Make sure that you submit the claim before the deadline. If for any reason if weren’t able to submit the claim on time, you could write a letter stating the reason for the late submission. If Alankit TPA finds the reason to be valid, they’ll proceed with the claim.

Otherwise, they’ll reject your claim.

When you don’t have all the documents and you are nearing the deadline, the best thing you could do is submit the claim with whatever documents you have. This way, you’ll be able to submit the claim on time and also buy more time to procure the missing documents.

Claim Submission Address

The claim form needs to be submitted with the required documents mentioned above. Send the form at the address mentioned here.

Corporate health insurance policyholders can submit the claim form to the Alankit TPA representative visiting their office.

You’ll get a receipt after submitting your claim. Keep it safe. And don’t forget to track the Alankit TPA claim status frequently to know the updates.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can intimate Alankit insurance TPA about the claim via an email. Here’s the format: Subject: Intimation, Hospital, Address, Contact Number, Your Contact Details Send the mail to:


You can intimate Alankit TPA about the claim through an SMS. Here’s the format: "ALANKITHEALTHCard Number or Policy No.Patient_First_NameDOAHospital Name & Hospital Address" Send it to: 56677

Alankit TPA usually takes about 3 to 4 weeks for claim approval if all the documents are in place. If the documents requested by the TPA are missing or the TPA wants more clarification on the case, claim approval gets delayed. When Alankit TPA approves the claim, it sends the insurance company the information including the final claim settlement amount. The insurance company then transfers the claim amount in your bank account within 2 to 3 weeks.

To check your Alankit TPA claim status, send an SMS to 56677.

Format: Alankit HCLAIM Claim no.

Follow this link to get your Alankit TPA e-card.

No, you do not need to fill part B claim form. The Alankit TPA claim form is the equivalent of the IRDA claim form part A.

You must file a reimbursement claim within 15 days after the patient’s discharge. The post-hospitalisation charges can be claimed within 15 days of the end date of the post-hospitalisation treatment. Or it can be claimed within 15 days of the 30/60 days period - whichever is earlier.

You must sign the original discharge summary and hospital bill. You will need to leave the original documents with the hospital and take the copies with you for the record.

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