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Why Youngsters Must Buy Health Insurance For Parents

Welcome to SureClaim‘s claim education resources! Medical treatment is becoming expensive day by day. One of the segments that are affected the most because of inflation in medical costs is of old people. Certain diseases are notorious for their onset as one age....

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Need Help With Reimbursement Claim in Health Insurance?

Insurance policies are complex to understand, even more, the complex is the claim process from these policies. You go to a hospital and spend on your treatment. You are having an insurance policy and you want to claim these expenses from it, but you are not sure what...

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Ultimate Guide to MD India Reimbursement Claim Process

Welcome to SureClaim's claim education resources! In this article, we will delve into the reimbursement claim process at MD India. We assume that if you are reading this article, you are a beneficiary with MD India and you are looking forward to filing a reimbursement...

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Ultimate Guide to Raksha TPA Reimbursement Claim Process

Raksha TPA  is one of the leading Health Insurance third party administrators (TPA) in the Indian insurance industry. It has a wide network of hospitals as part of its cashless network. However, when a policyholder does not get a cashless facility, they have an option...

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