Insurance policies are complex to understand, even more complex is the claim process from these policies. You go to a hospital and spend on your treatment. You are having an insurance policy and you want to claim these expenses from it, but you are not sure what is the process to claim or which documents you need to submit in your claim. Even the insurance claim form is not simple. So should you lose the opportunity to claim because the process is designed to prevent you from claiming?

Do you know that 1 in 8 reimbursement claims are rejected by insurance companies because of inadequate documentation or the claim forms are not filled properly. Patients lose out on a lot of claim money because they do not submit documents in the right format or many a times various supporting documents in claim are left out by patients in claims. In one of our studies, we found out that in as many as 40% of reimbursement claims, insurance companies raised queries asking for additional documents from patients to process their claims.

It is your right to get reimbursed for your valid expenses covered in the policy. You have regularly paid your annual insurance premiums or you may be having coverage from your employer in group health insurance policy. You have help available in the form of SureClaim to get expert assistance to handhold your claims from insurance companies. You can be anywhere in India and you could be claiming from any insurance company or third party administrator (TPA). SureClaim makes sure you get what is rightfully due to you. Not only this, claim experts from SureClaim also advise you on your insurance benefits which you might be completely unaware of because of the technical jargon in insurance policies.

You get a dedicated expert to explain to you documents required in the claim. The team also reviews documents available with you and guides you about deficiencies and missing paperwork in your claim. Once everything is set, your expert advisor prepares the claim form for you, so you don’t need to struggle with the complex paperwork in the form. Do you know that the patients who get their claims prepared by experts from SureClaim get on an average Rs 35000 extra in their claims because they are advised on every benefit covered in their policy. Out-of-pocket expenses on treatment are, therefore, reduced tremendously for SureClaim’s customers.

You can also request to meet the claim expert in person to have your documents verified and queries resolved. This service in available currently in only a select few cities. Do ask your claim expert if it is possible to meet in person. The support over call is equally good.

What benefits could you get from intervention of an expert?

You get your claim prepared by an expert without going through the hassle yourself. Because the expert is able to help you organize every document in the correct format that the insurance company will require, your claim gets processed faster. As stated earlier in this article, you also will be informed about all provisions in your policy to claim from.