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About This Plan

Use this plan if you are facing any doubts regarding how your claim was processed and to check your options if you have an opportunity to claim. Ideal for clients whose cashless or reimbursement claim has been rejected or partially paid. Get opinion from our Claim Advisors after a thorough review of your claim outcome.

Scope of Service

Denial reason review and validation 

Comprehensive review of claim documents and settlement letter

Clarifications for all doubts of client

Advice on plan of action

Out of Scope activites

Claim preparation

Query resolution

Who should buy this plan?

Any policyholder whose pre-authorization request, cashless claim or reimbursement claim has been denied

Any claimant whose claim has been partially paid in a claim

Documents to be shared with us

Copies/scans of claim documents

Copy of claim settlement letter

Copy/scan of denial letter

Insurance card or policy copy/scan

Process Flow

Sign-up for service

Share documents through Email / WhatsApp / upload tool

Claims Advisor will be assigned within 24 hours

Study of claim documents

Denial reason validation

Advice on plan of action


At any stage of your claim, you can sign-up for this plan. Our advisors will help in clearing your doubts as per the scope of this service.

We will certainly be able to evaluate your options to claim from another insurance policy. However, claim preparation is done in a different plan.

This plan is designed to evaluate the claim rejection reasons. If you are not satisfied with the reason insurer gave for denying your claim, you can consult with our Claim Advisors. They will objectively evaluate the case records and inform you your options. If the claim was rejected due to valid reasons, our advisors will try and clarify those reasons to you. As per our assessment of the case, we may or may not advise you to go for claim or appeal against your claim rejection.

Claim processing is not error-proof. Insurers also make mistakes in processing claims. Your claim may get rejected in the absence of certain document proofs. If the claim is valid and key documentary evidence is provided, there is a good chance that you may get approval of reimbursement claim or your appeal may become successful. In case of partial paid claims, it may be because of some missing documents, low eligibility in current insurance policy or capping for treatment. We shall be able to guide you after thorough assessment of your documents.

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