Can I get cashless

Why you should keep a track on your claim status?

This is an important part of the entire health insurance claim process. To get your rightful benefits, make sure you keep a track on your claim status by following up with your insurer.

Trouble with my cashless claim

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Cashless not approved yet
Want to check network hospital

Can I get cashless?

How to get easy cashless hospitalization? Does my policy allow it?

This is possible when the hospital has tie-up with your insurance company as a network hospital or the chosen hospital is part of a PPN of your insurer. Nowadays, most of the insurers allow cashless facility.

My cashless has not been approved. Why?

Cashless claim can be rejected due to valid or invalid reasons even when
pre-authorization was approved. The reasons may or may not be entirely in your control. Good news is that you can still claim for a reimbursement.

I got cashless in one policy. Can I claim the remaining amount from second policy?

Yes! The remaining amount (except for non-admissible charges) in your cashless claim can be claimed from any other health insurance policy. In case, you have coverage in multiple insurance policies, the unpaid amount left by insurance in the first claim, can be claimed from your second or third insurance policy.

To avail a cashless hospitalization,
remember these things before admission!

Know your network hospitals
Check your insurance eligibility
Keep your insurance card/copy of your policy handy

Where is my claim stuck?

Reimbursement claim gets stuck for many reasons. As your claim goes through different processes
before settlement, it may take time up to one month after claim submission.

Why does my claim status remain the same even after submitting all the documents?

Claim settlement is multilayered process. Ensure you follow up with your insurer frequently as per given timelines. Want to know more?

Why is it taking so long to process my claim?

The time taken to settle your claim depends on your mode of claim. Keep tracking and monitoring your claims online to avoid delayed payment.

What is my claim status?

Monitor and keep updated with your claim status using the SureClaim online platform. Share your claim details with us and get notified about your claim status.

Issue with an approved claim?

It's been many days since approval, I haven't got my money yet?

Insurance claim amount settlement usually takes 15 working days even after approval. Follow up with your insurer to keep track.

When will I receive my amount?

As per IRDA, claim settlement should take 30 days after submission of last document. You can escalate the issue to your TPA/Insurance company if not settled within the given time frame.

How to get settlement copy and documents back from insurer?

Write an e-mail/mail from registered email ID to insurer/TPA stating the reason why you need the documents and on which address.