Know about Claim Return

What is claim return or claim payout?

Claim payout or claim return is a sum of money paid to the policyholder when a claim is accepted. One may get partial or complete claim settlement depending on various aspects like mode of claim, exclusions, deductions etc.

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It's important you learn and understand about insurance claim payment process.
Why did I get a partial claim payout and what to do?

The two major reasons behind partial payout can be policy terms such as room rent limit and the co-pay clause. Also, there might be sublimit for the treatment, or your sum insured might have been exhausted. Consult with an expert to learn the exact reason.

Why was amount deducted in my claim?

There are few standard deductions which are applicable to every policy such as no insurance pays for non-medical expenses, e.g. cotton, gloves etc. Apart from that, deductions can be applicable as per policy terms e.g. proportionate deductions based on room limit and co-payment clause.

I have a doubt with these exclusions?

If you have any doubt on policy terms and conditions, do seek help and talk to insurer/TPA. Consult with an expert before you prepare your health insurance claim.

Always check for the maximum payout you should get!

Things you should do when you get a
partial or unsatisfactory claim payout
Dispute with help of an expert!
Learn the reasons of the deductions.
Don't hesitate to ask your insurer.
If the deductions are valid, consult an expert to check other options.