The Complete Guide to Safeway TPA Claim Process

Safeway Insurance TPA Pvt. Ltd. was licensed by IRDA in July 2005. The company has a fully-equipped IT infrastructure and a fully qualified, professional team of doctors and seasoned insurance professionals for running operations and handling medical claims.

Safeway has tie-ups with more than 5,500 hospitals across the country for providing cashless facilities. The company also has fully-featured software for generating customized MIS reports required by IRDA, TAC, IIB and insurance organizations.

Safeway TPA Cashless Claim Process

  • Get the list of network hospitals offering cashless treatment.
  • Produce your Safeway TPA e-cards (health card and employee card) at the hospital.
  • Wait to receive the pre-authorization request from the hospital along with an estimate of expenses at the Safeway local office.
  • Safeway will issue your authorization letter to the hospital with the approved amount of your insurance policy.
  • You have to pay for all the costs incurred over and above the Safeway insurance claim.
Check the network hospital list before hospitalization. Please click here to find your nearest network hospital.

Safeway TPA Reimbursement Claim Process

  • Intimate the Safeway TPA about the medical claim by calling the toll-free number: 1800-102-5671 and also send an email.
  • Provide the following details at the time of intimation
    • Safeway ID Card
    • Your mobile number and E-mail
    • Hospitalization date
    • Ailment
    • Discharge date
    • Claim submission date
  • Download the Safeway TPA claim form and medical certificate from the website and fill all the columns and get the medical certificate filled by the doctor treating the patient.
  • Submit all the documents and form after they are duly filled and signed.
  • Safeway will evaluate the validity of your claim based on your documents and then settle the claim.
  • Safeway will correspond within 7 days after your claim request is received.

Documents Required for Safeway TPA Insurance Claim

The types of documents you’ll need will majorly depend on the type of treatment you are undertaking. There are typically 4 different types of documents required to submit your claim:

KYC Documents

Know Your Customer (KYC) documents verify the identity of the policyholder and the patient. They may include the following:

  • Policyholder’s PAN card (or any government-issued ID proof)
  • Patient’s Aadhaar card
  • Safeway TPAcard or the policy certificate
  • An original cancelled cheque of the policyholder

Generate your Safeway TPA E-card here.

Hospitalization Documents

You’ll receive documents such as receipts, package breakup, discharge summary, hospital bill and its breakup, etc. from the hospital. These documents have to be submitted in original along with your claim form. Consider these few things while preparing your claim:

  • The hospital bill is typically a summary of all the expenses incurred. So, you may have to ask for a breakup of the hospital bill.
  • If the hospital bill includes a surgery package, get the breakup of the package printed on the hospital’s letterhead or on a plain paper with the hospital seal on it.
  • Ask for all the payment receipts and then tally them with the total hospital bill. Include these bills in original in your claim.
  • In case of pre and/or post-hospitalization claims, you need to submit a photocopy of the discharge summary. The hospital bill or the bill breakup may not be needed. Also, check if you are eligible for the duration as specified in the policy. All the pharmacy, lab and consultation bills (all in original) supported with the doctor’s prescriptionsshould be included in the claim. Otherwise, Safeway TPA may not pay you for those expenses.

Investigation Reports

You’ll need to submit the original reports to Safeway TPA. Reports on plain paper stamped by the lab or the hospital may not be accepted by Safeway Insurance TPA.

If you have not received all the reports, you can still submit the claim with a cover note that includes a date-wise list of missing reports. Once Safeway TPA receives the claim, it will then raise a query asking you to submit the missing reports. You will then have enough time to procure the reports and add them to the claim.

If you are unable to provide the TPA with the missing reports, those expense amounts would be deducted from your total claim amount. For claiming pre and post hospitalization expenses, your investigation reports, bills, etc. have to be backed by the doctor’s prescriptions on the official letterhead.

Accident Details, if Applicable

For accident-related claims, medico-legal Certificate (MLC) from the hospital is a mandatory document.

If the case has been reported to the police, the FIR copy is needed.

In cases of self-injury, a letter explaining the details needs to be submitted along with the claim.

Safeway TPA Claim Form

The documents mentioned above need to be submitted along with the claim form. Download the Safeway TPA Claim Form for reimbursement here.

Download Safeway TPA Claim Form

How to Fill Safeway TPA Claim Form

Safeway TPA reimbursement claim form (Part A) is divided into eight sections. Learn how to fill these sections:

Section A

Fill the first section of the form with the insurance and the contact details of primary policyholder. The main policyholder is the one who pays the premiums of the policy. In case of corporate insurance policy, the main policyholder is the employee. Ensure that you fill the information correctly as Safeway TPA will use the information filled in this section to contact the policyholder.

Section B

Fill this section with information about the patient if he/she is covered under any other insurance policy.

Section C

Fill the patient’s demographic details that include gender, occupation, age, and the relationship with primary policyholder.

Section D

This section is about the hospitalization details. Fill information such as the reason for hospitalization, admission date, room type, discharge date, etc.

Section E

This section is for filling in billing details. All expenses incurred are categorized into 3 segments: pre-hospitalization, hospitalization and post-hospitalization. The total of all the bills related to pre-hospitalization will come in the Pre-hospitalization field of the form. The total of all expenses incurred during the hospital stay, such as hospital main bill, blood bank charges, pharmacy bills, diagnostic bills, etc. have to be added and mentioned as Hospitalization expenses. And total of all bills after discharge from hospital is entered as post-hospitalization expenses.

If you are claiming for ambulance charges and other similar charges, mention them in a separate field provided for such expenses.

Add up all the expenses from all the categories and mention the total in the field provided in the section.

Section F

This section is for mentioning the complete list of all the bills. The space provided in the form is for 10 bills. If there are more than 10, write them down in a separate sheet of paper and then attach it to the claim form.

This section is similar to section E. The only difference is that the pharmacy bills are deducted from the total bill and the amount is mentioned separately in the 4th row.

Section G

Fill this section with the policyholder bank account details. Ensure that you fill the details exactly how it appears on the bank records. This ensures successful NEFT transfer into the bank account of the policyholder.

Section H

This section is a declaration that the claimant needs to sign with the date and place.

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Safeway TPA Claim Submission Timeline

Most health insurance providers have submission timelines that are 15-30 days after the discharge of the patient. You need to ensure that you submit your claim before the submission deadline ends. However, if for any reason you are unable the submit the claim on time, write a letter justifying your late submission. IfSafeway TPAis convinced with the reason, they may proceed to process your claim. Otherwise, your claim may get rejected.

If you do not have all the documents needed to submit the claim, send your claim with whatever documents you have. By doing so, you are not only submitting your claim on time, but also buying more time to procure the missing documents.

Claim Submission Address

Send your claim form along with the required documents at the addresses of the centresmentioned here.

Corporate employees can submit the claim form to the Safeway TPA representative visiting their office.

Once you submit your claim, you’ll get a receipt. Do not misplace it and keep tracking Safeway TPA claim status to ensure that you are always updated with what’s happening with your claim.

Most claimants face deductions in their claim amounts because of the mistakes they make in filling up the claim form. In some cases, these mistakes lead to claim rejection too.

Frequently Asked Questions

Follow the link – – and fill the form given on the page to intimate TPA regarding the claim.

You can also call 18001025671 / 011-45451300 or write to Safeway TPA at for claim intimation.

Intimate the TPA 3 to 4 days before the hospitalisation. In case of emergency hospitalisation, intimate the TPA within 24 hours of hospitalisation.

Safeway TPA will take around 3 to 4 weeks to verify and approve your claim. Once the claim is verified, the status and claim information is sent to the insurance company. The insurance company will take another 2 to 3 weeks to process your payment.

  • A Safeway TPA e-card copy
  • A policy certificate copy
  • Doctor’s original prescription and a proof of the need for admission
  • Investigation reports

To check your Safeway TPA claim status, click here.

To get your Safeway TPA e-card, click here.

No. You only need to fill the Safeway TPA claim form to file a claim.

Note: The Safeway TPA claim form is the equivalent of the IRDA claim form part A.

The claim should be submitted to Safeway TPA within 7 days of the patient’s discharge. The documents, however, can be submitted within 15 days of the discharge. Ensure that you submit all the documents that you have before you run out of time. In case you fail to submit a few supporting documents, the TPA will raise a query. This will buy you enough time before you resolve the query by submitting the remaining documents.

You can lodge the claim at the respective branch office of Safeway TPA.

Ideally, you must be admitted in the hospital for more than 24 hours to be eligible for the claim amount. But, in case of treatments such as chemotherapy, dialysis, eye surgery, etc. the hospital stay can be less than 24 hours and you will still be eligible to file a claim.

Usually, you can claim the medical expenses incurred 30 days before and 60 days after a surgery, provided that the expenses are related to the surgery. But make sure you check your policy terms and conditions since this period may vary depending on the type of your health insurance policy.

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