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Terms of Use

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These terms and conditions govern your use of this website. If you do not agree with any of the terms and conditions stated here, you are requested to exit this website.

This website is operated and managed by Sureserve Techsoft Pvt. Ltd. under the brand name ‘SureClaim’. Your use of this website means that you agree to all the terms and conditions mentioned here.

Description of Services

Users will access information pertaining to services offered by SureClaim and health insurance plans offered by general insurance companies in India. While using this website, you will submit your personal contact details and by making use of this website, you hereby express interest in buying services from SureClaim. You hereby agree that SureClaim or its affiliates can contact you to explore your interest in our services. You also agree to receive messages from us which will educate you about health insurance policy benefits.

Information Accuracy

SureClaim cannot be held responsible in whatsoever way for the accuracy of the information displayed on its website when such information has been sourced from external actors who are not directly linked to SureClaim or are its business associates. The source of the information in question will be responsible for its veracity and SureClaim states its inability to verify the correctness of its source of information.


You agree that you are of legal age and you yourself or you have been legally authorized by a person on whose behalf you are showing interest in our services. We request you to exit this website if you do not meet this requirement.

You also agree to provide correct and accurate information about yourself or of the person whom you are representing. You agree to allow SureClaim to maintain the medical and billing information of the patient when you submit any hospitalization-related information with SureClaim or its authorized representatives. SureClaim will have reasonable grounds to suspect you if the information your provide is inaccurate and found to be untrue and that neither you are the patient yourself nor you are the legal representative of the patient.

You agree to notify SureClaim if someone has unauthorized access to your medical records or misrepresents you.

Cancellation and Refunds

You must exercise discretion before taking services from us. SureClaim spends considerable effort in receiving case records from its customers, evaluating them for deficiencies and fixing those deficiencies through appropriate means. Handing over your case records to an authorized representative of SureClaim amounts to you agreeing to compensate us for our efforts completely and in advance. If after agreeing to hand over case records to SureClaim, there is a change in your interest, you are eligible to cancel our services. SureClaim will return your case records as per their availability based on the stage of the service. You agree to forfeit your right to refund of your service fee if you cancel the service. SureClaim does not refund the service fee in full or partially.


Chargeback is a process that allows a credit or a debit card user to request reversal of a transaction under circumstances such as (a) transaction made on a hot listed credit or debit card (b) duplicate transactions (c) alleged forgery of card information (d) for other applicable reasons as per RBI guidelines issued from time to time. However, we reserve the right to reject your chargeback under following circumstances, including but not limited to (a) In the event when the case records have been received from the patient or their authorised representative and you decide to cancel the service (b) In the event that any third party, including but not limited to, doctors, hospitals, insurance or third-party administrator (TPA) does not cooperate with SureClaim regarding the concerned reimbursement claim (c) In the event that the claim is rejected by the insurance company (d) In the event there is a query from the insurance company or TPA which SureClaim is not able to reply because of lack of cooperation from customer, hospital or doctor.

Limitation of Liability

You understand and agree that SureClaim shall not be liable for any direct and indirect, consequential or exemplary damages to you, including but not limited to, loss of claimed amount to insurance company, damages for goodwill or public image, loss of data or other intangible assets, as a result of using our services, or from the use of this website and its content. Beyond these limitations, if SureClaim is found to be liable for any loss or damages which arise or can be attributed to services of SureClaim, such a liability will not exceed the service fee you paid to SureClaim or Rs. 1000 (One thousand rupees), whichever is higher.


You agree to indemnify SureClaim at its officers, directors and employees and hold them harmless from any claims, demands, recoveries, causes of action, losses, penalties, damages, fines and other expenses of any kind, including legal fees, or arising out of or related with your breach of this Terms of Use.